Easy Outfits For The Next Five Days

If you live in Charlotte, or the South East right now, and you are a Fall fashion lover like I am, then you can understand how frustrating it is right now to get dressed every day. It’s November, I should be wearing over-the-knee boots, and my new leather beret inspired by Dior Fall 2017 runway and my recently purchased black velvet leggings. Instead every morning I wake up, I grab my phone and the first thing I do is look at the weather channel and start to cry when I see those above average temperatures. Today was no different, so I decided to give all my fashionistas out there some help on what to wear for the next five days

Friday, November 3rd 2017. Temperature 81

Using one of falls greatest palettes, black and white, this is the perfect day to night outfit. If it gets to hot in the day, simply take your jacket off, and when it start to dip while your having cocktails, toss that black leather jacket on to complete your ensemble.

Saturday November 4th, 2017. Temperature 69

Your day to run around and do all those errands you’ve left for the weekend. You want to be comfy yet stylish. Wether you are getting your nails done, grocery shopping, hitting the tennis court or getting together with the girls for a quick lunch, a metallic bomber jacket is so on point.

Sunday November 5th 2017. Temperature 74

The day before the grinding work week is here, Sunday will be gone in a blink of an eye, so enjoy it with a casual, flowing frock. Here’s a perfect brunch outfit with your man or the girls.

Monday November 6th 2017. Temperature 80

Back to work Monday blues, and you know you have that 10am meeting with your team. Give a nod to the 80’s with this shoulder padded white jacket. Smart yet fashionable.

Tuesday November 7th 2017. Temperature 79 (with a chance of rain)

Just another day at the office, but I always want to look stylish so back to my favorite, head to toe in black. It makes me feel confident, but I’m comfortable.

I hope this helps everyone for the next five days on what to wear. Stay tuned for when the weather actually reflects the season and I can share more tips on what to wear for Fall weather.

All ideas above are for sheer entertainment. Have a wonderful weekend and Get Styled NOW!