Ten Basic Rules to Self-Editing Your Closet

Happy New Year means a happy closet. Are you tired of looking at your closet and feeling more frustrated than you do when you look at the front door of the gym? Well here are ten tips on how to get a little control of all that clutter in your closet. Remember, if you closet is organized, it shaves off an exorbitant time of energy getting dressed in the morning. So read my tips and tackle that closet, and remember if it’s too much for you to handle, give me a call and Get Styled NOW!

  1. Get in the zone: Set aside a minimum of two hours to edit your closet. You don’t want to start this project and then have to run out to a meeting or yoga class. You WILL lose momentum. 
  2. Empty your closet COMPLETELY. Pull everything out and lay it on your bed or use a rolling rack to hang your clothes on it
  3. When going through your closet, look for clothes that have any body imprints on the garments. For example, saggy knees or bottoms or elbows that are thread bare
  4. Pay special attention to your collars. They are close to your face and one of the first things someone notices. Any fraying, tearing or stains on the collar needs  o go. Especially if you self tan. Those stains will not come out. 
  5. The “Two Try” rule: If you have put on a garment and then taken it off immediately to wear something else two or more times, LET IT GO
  6. Remove any sentimental items from your closet and store them in a storage box. Items like your wedding dress, costumes or presents that have been given to you that you will never wear do not need to be in your closet. They are taking up space and also make your closet look disorganized. 
  7. Anything that is more than 12 months old and has a tag on it was a mistake. Assess why it doesn’t work and MOVE ON. 
  8. Anything that does not fit NOW, at the present moment needs to go. 
  9. When putting clothes back in your closet after editing, only put the current season in your closet. Keep things current and stay present. 
  10. And the final rule, organize your closet by color. Left to right and light to dark is a very simple way to keep your closet organized.