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Meet Our Founder

Style – real breathtaking, heart stopping, one of a kind style – is rooted in the tangible elements of texture, color, history and experience. These elements belong to everyone, but it takes a trained eye, and often, a leap of faith, to mold and translate them into a signature style.”


Founder Linda M. Martinez

Founder, Linda M. Martinez

My style story begins with the influence of my father’s native Cuba, a hand painted backdrop of a world that stopped at the end of the 1950s. Exotic beauties with painted red lips, vintage Chevrolets, gold charm bracelets and the right purse for every occasion.

Fast forward to my early childhood full of memories of the Virgin Islands, a life rich with orange red sunsets, hot white beaches and bright pink fragrant blossoms. Plus a rich history of skull and crossbones pirate lore, awash in buried treasure filled with doubloons and religious artifacts.

Ultimately, I land in the South of my mother’s heritage, now fully grown into a shiny new South filled with skyscrapers and big business. A place that gives a wink and a nod to its past but looks bravely to the future.

Thanks to years of experience in high end department stores, I’ve collated a broad knowledge in every aspect of fashion including trends in clothing, shoes and makeup. Meanwhile my time spent as a jewelry buyer has provided me with the opportunity to focus on the importance of building and cultivating an accessory wardrobe – most significantly fueling my love for Native-American jewelry, including its tribes and origins.

Styling for local fashion magazines and for WCNC-TV “Charlotte Today” host Colleen Odegaard has given me the ability to expand my experience to both print and visual media. Whether planning an editorial style photo shoot with a talented photographer or appearing on Charlotte Today to give style and fashion tips, I always find I’m learning as much as I’m teaching.

My signature style takes the best of these influences and weaves them together to create a wardrobe that tells a story. It respects the past with vintage and heirloom items; it bursts with colors that compliment and catch the eye and looks bravely to modern influences. And all that before I open the treasure chest!

I want to help you find your signature style. It’s already there, waiting in the pages of your own story. Let’s put it together.