Bringing You One New Closet At A Time: Final Reveal

So the day has finally come, Colleen’s closet is done. It is always such a pleasure to work with the California Closets Charlotte Crew!  They are so professional, kind and courteous. But I’ve got to say that my biggest reward comes from seeing the reaction of my client when the see their new closet for the first time. Listen, we as women are so used to being organized in so many facets of our everyday lives, we have calendars, school schedules, work meetings and social events. We try to keep our houses organized. Kitchens have cupboards and pantrys, hallways have coat closets or tree stands, living rooms have bookcases and dining rooms have sideboards. Your closet should be the same. They should have designated areas for every category in your existing wardrobe. Organization makes life just a little easier, so why not start with your closet? Because when you can get dressed in the mornings without scrambling on the floor for your shoes, or standing on a kitchen chair searching through plastic bins for a sweater, you’ll be able to dress like you mean it! Enjoy the video and remember to Get Styled NOW!