Bringing You One New Closet At A Time. Part One

Last year my client came to me and expressed her frustration over her closet, maybe even some hatred. The frustration comes from having a space that is not functional or practical. It seems that most closets are designed by men. And men wear the same thing: shirts, pants and jackets. They don’t wear maxi dresses, maxi skirts, cropped tops, long loose tops, tunics or formal dresses. Men wear the same dress shoe and the same casual shoe until there are no soles left. Women wear flats, gladiators, platform heels, kitten heels, 3” heels, stilettos, booties, tall boots and over the knee boots and every kind of sneaker you can imagine. My point is that a woman’s closet should be as flexible as her wardrobe. That’s when I knew what I had to do. I needed to start helping women design their closets, and who better to help them than their stylist.

After doing online research, I decided to contact California Closets Charlotte. Since last year I have been partnering with award winning designer Morgan Haynie. Not only does she help me create a functional closet for my clients, she makes it beautiful. This summer Morgan and I teamed up to create yet another magnificent California Closet-Styled NOW! collaboration. This time, the closet renovation is going to be featured on WCNC’s Charlotte Today. On Tuesday October 17th you will be able to see a basic wire shelved closet turn into a beautiful custom made California Closet. If you are looking at your closet right now and thinking, “I really need to do something”, you probably do. Here are some before pictures of the closet I was working on. As you can see it was just a basic closet with a single wire shelving system and a small area for folded items. All of her shoes were thrown on the floor under her hanging clothes. All of her shirts, pants, skirts and dresses were all hanging on this single wire shelving along with her husbands. She had boots, purses and hats in clear plastic bins on the shelf above her clothes. She had necklaces hanging on a hanger and earrings and bracelets in a hanging jewelry organizer stuck in between all her clothes. She had stuff everywhere. My first question to her was “How do you get dressed everyday?” Being a working mother and wife, time is precious in the mornings. It’s extremely difficult to get dressed when everything is scattered and unorganized in this 5’ by 8’ room. Your closet ,no matter what size, should have designated areas for your hanging clothes, shoes and folded items. One of the reasons I love working with California Closets Charlotte and their system is the ability to adjust any shelf or hanging rod to suit my clients wardrobe and changing clothing trends. Stay tuned for part two tomorrow before the final reveal Tuesday. Here’s a couple of more photos for you to look at, you may relate.