Buy Now and Wear Forever

I get asked a lot, ” What is the one thing I should have in my closet?” and I always respond: clothes. There is no one thing you should have, but there are basics you need to build a great wardrobe. Ask any experienced stylist and they will pretty much give you the same answers across the board, it will vary only seasonal. These basic ten pieces will stay in your closet forever. Remember that when you purchase basic pieces this is where quality counts, these are your investment pieces. Always take the following into consideration:

  1. What is your lifestyle? Are you a working woman or a working mother? Are you a student or a woman of leisure. In determining this you can shop accordingly and set your priorities if you need.
  2. What is your budget?  I always believe in starting stash funds twice a year. Once in January for my fall/winter purchases and then again in June for my spring/summer shopping. This way I have saved up six months for my wardrobe. If you are just starting out with your basics, determine what you need most and then start with that. Generally it’s the great white shirt. This shirt works in every situation from casual with a pair of jeans to a corporate work environment with a skirt or tailored pants.
  3. What climate do you live in? If you live in warmer climates then your cozy cashmere pullover sweater becomes your cotton or open-weave pullover sweater for layering in the colder months. Weather it’s the East Coast or West Coast, or somewhere in the middle, taking the climate into mind can affect which item you need to purchase most first. Plan accordingly.

Regardless of the year, trend, latest supermodel or music video, these classic pieces will always stand the test of time. These essentials have not only helped me build a great wardrobe but have endured past all the trends that seem like a good idea at the moment but always end up in my donation pile the following year. Here are some great pieces that I found in Elle Magazine that can help you plan, start or even update any closet.

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