Dresses Over Pants. Try It. You Might Like It!

Belts, peplums, layered silhouettes all return this spring to create lavish and wonderful designs on the runway. Take Haider Ackerman’s RTW/SS 2013 collection featuring sheer chiffon, polka dots,both large and small,graphic prints and detailed leather all in blacks, whites and navy’s. Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci also used black, white and pale blues in silks and chiffons, ruffles and long lean tunics with wonderful hard metal collar necklaces and details for his RTW/SS 2013 show. But what I love most about these two collections are the brilliant ways they showcase dresses over pants. It makes one want to rummage through their closet trying to imitate these beautiful creations and throw the biggest Auntie Mame party ever.

Black & White Dress over Pant. Givenchy / Spring 2013 RTW

Photo: Monica Feudi/feudiguaineri.com

Black Silk Cinched Dress over Black Pants. Givenchy / Spring 2013 RTW

Photo: Monica Feudi/feudiguaineri.com

Leather and Sheer Lace Dress over Leather Pants. Haider Ackermann / Spring 2013 RTW

Photo: Marcus Tondo/GoRunway.com

Here are a few suggestions to consider if you are willing to try these looks.

  • Pants should be sleek and tailored. No bulging or embellished pockets on the rear. The pant should be skinny or straight legged.
  • The dress should create a shape, like cinched waists. No empire dresses. That dress in your closet that is too short for you to wear without tights is perfect to create this look.
  • If it’s your first time experimenting with this try choosing monochromatic colors. Black always works the best in my opinion.
  • Height works best with these looks,, so if your not over 5’6″  I can’t stress this enough, wear the tallest heel you have. It only elongates your look.