HOLIDAY MANICURES: Fun New Looks for Your Parties

Don’t want to go out and buy a new dress this year?  Have a great outfit you never got to wear? Want to try something different? Take a look at these great, fun and creative ways to wear nail polish. No longer the traditional nude or red, manicures have taken a great new twist leaving glitter and colors to the adults and not just kids. Love your dark, vampy colors, well try the new matte black french manicure, my personal favorite.

Black French Manicure.

Courtesy: Huffington Post, Dana Olive

Ombre Manicure.

Photos and Post by Kristen Ess

Sideways French Manicure.

Courtesy of Pinterest

If you want to be a little more subtle then try the glitter french manicure or a beautiful red, my choice would be from Chanel. Try their Limited Edition: Rouge Carat. It’s a true red. Like a little deeper, my favorite, Chanel’s Pirate, a true blue red as only Chanel can create. Check out all of their colors at





Glitter French Manicure.

Courtesy; Kristin Oldham Giordani

Classic Red Nails

Courtesy of Pinterest

Caviar  Manicure.