Nailing It for Fall 2013

Four times a year, every season, normally on a Monday when I am off work, I hop into my car and drive to my local Ulta store and buy three nail polishes. It’s become my little ritual for the last several years. People change their handbags with each outfit, I like to change my nail polish. No I don’t have manicures every time I change my nail color, I do it myself. I learned at a very early age how to paint my nails. My parents thought that young girls should not paint their nails or wear make-up until they were at least in high school, I was in the fourth grade when the obsession began. I had to catch the bus every morning, very early, to take me to school and I spent a good amount of time on that bus. It was there that I learned how to apply and remove my self-manicure. I would grab a bottle of my mom’s favorite color  before running out the door, hop on that bus and begin,what I believe, to be the beginning of my obsession with the fashion world.

Today we have a variety of different techniques and appliques that we can play with, as well as a vast collection of colors from a multitude of companies. Back in the day, on the school bus my first and favorite was”Cherries in the Snow” by Revlon. Created in the 1950’s, this nail color was the perfect mix of a pinkish-red. It was bold but not over the top. It was perfect for that young girl who started her journey and lifetime into a world filled with color, clothes, handbags, hats,make-up and jewelry. A world that I truly love.