The Day the Red Carpet Turned Black

For the last two years politics have taken over our closets, and clothes have gone beyond products and become positions.

From the moment Beyoncé strode onto the field at the Levi’s Stadium for the Super Bowl 50 halftime singing “Formation;” followed by an army of backup dancers in outfits that paid homage to the Black Panthers , a song that was called the anthem of the Black Lives Matter movement, it was clear “fashion statement” was going to take on a whole new meaning. No longer was it enough to simply tell others what you believe; you had to show them, too. And the simplest, most powerful, most public way to do that is what you wear.

This year’s Golden Globes were political before they even began. In protest of Hollywood’s culture of sexual harassment, women and men wore black to the Globes, many of them accessorizing their raven wardrobe with enamel pins supporting Planned Parenthood, 50/50 and the Time’s Up initiative, a movement launched by hundreds of women in Hollywood calling for change. Throughout the night, winners shed light on Domestic abuse, gender and racial inequality, and sexual harassment. But the most powerful statement were not the words, it was the solidarity of the women and men wearing black. Something so simple, yet so powerful and glamorous. In a world where the first line of communication is visual, clothes are our shared language. Whether you like what you see or not, you can read it.

Below are some of my favorite looks of the night.

Wearing all black also makes the perfect backdrop for all the gorgeous diamonds.

To me they were all on my best dressed list. I was extremely proud and honored to watch these beautiful, intelligent and badass women unite and stand their ground and let people know #Timesup