Best-Kept Secret in Fashion -Sally Belk Gambrell

Secret Weapon ~ Sally Belk Gambrell
Linda Martinez is the best-kept secret in fashion. She is my personal ‘secret weapon.’ ” 

Linda is one of those rare individuals in retail: a fashionista with impeccable taste and style, and NO personal agenda. Your agenda is her agenda. She’s not out to meet a sales quota, or greedily eyeing a sales commission, or (God forbid!) out to put us all into the same “one-look fits all” matching trendy outfits. Her goal is her slogan “Dress like you mean it!” She uses fashion and the building of a wardrobe as a canvas for your full self-expression. I love it that she takes a LONG view: the creation of a closet, your closet, that works for you so you dress like YOU mean it every day. So if your look is traditional or casual, eclectic or boardroom, bohemian or hobo, she’ll adjust and I promise you will take people’s breath away.

My relationship with Linda began over 20 years ago at Belk’s Chanel counter. A sales colleague was attempting to push merchandise on me. Linda walked by, and with classic Linda humor and honesty, commented that the color made me look like a ‘___’. Not knowing I was a member of the Belk family, the sales person was appalled, and angry (she was going for a sales quota!). I, however, became a Linda devotee on the spot.

Warning: Linda is not for everyone. She serves it straight up. If you want coddling or reassurance or you’re ambivalent and want to look like everyone else, your average commission-driven sales person will do.

But if you want to look chic, powerful, or jaw dropping fab… If you want to learn what works for you, what trends to invest in, which ones to skip, and build a serious closet you love~ Call her now!

~Sally Belk Gambrell

Charlotte, NC