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What is Styled NOW?

Every client has a goal they want to achieve, whether its personal or fashion styling, Styled Now is a company that will evaluate those needs.

In respect to personal styling, Styled Now ascertains those needs. Well thought outfits for the working woman, mothers on the go, the social butterfly or any combination there of , Styled Now can help you.

Rebuilding your wardrobe or helping you find those important pieces to complete your timeless or trendy looks is our specialty. Need help just organizing or cataloging looks in your closets, Styled Now can achieve that for you.

Need fashion styling for magazines, television or film, Styled Now works hand-in-hand with the creative team to achieve the desired assignment. The opportunities are endless. If the job calls for creative conceptualization or fulfilling the vision assigned, Styled Now will accomplish the task. Through these projects , Styled Now will share the latest trends or styles with your readers and viewers.

I invite you to browse this website and view my personal style with the latest looks via photo shoots or blog. Styled Now’s goal is to share all these wonderful ideas and help you find your own unique and inner style.